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Do brute facts exist, and if so, how can we tell if a given fact is brute or requires further explanation?

In contemporary philosophy, a brute fact is a fact that cannot be explained in terms of a deeper, more "fundamental" fact. There are two main ways to explain something: say what "...
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Can the laws of physics and the constants of nature exist in a fundamental sense without mathematical realism?

Can the laws of physics and fundamental constants of nature exist without fundamental mathematical constants, operators, and equations also existing? In other words, can there be fundamental physical ...
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3 answers

Is consciousness fundamental to the universe?

In January 2023, Entropy published a paper entitled "Fusions of Consciousness" by Hoffman, Prakash and Prentner. They propose that consciousness is fundamental to the universe, rather than ...
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Do the properties of electrons change or are they "fundemental" and unchanging?

This question was closed on physics exchange. Can anyone help me with this question here? As I understand it, everything evolves, which means that everything changes based on causes and conditions. ...
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Do we exist in the same dimension as time?

For the past few week I’ve had conversations with many forums about this question that’s very pertinent to me. Is time fundamental just like space, or is it simply a property of the progressive nature ...
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can talent be gained or is it inbuilt in us from birth? [closed]

i want to know, can any talent be gained if u have interest in that particular thing. As said : "U can succeed in life, if u have talent and if it is used well". Is there any person borne with talent ...
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16 votes
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How fundamental is logic?

I had always perceived logic as something that exists outside mathematics, physics/the physical, human consciousness, and everything. So when someone in my class posed the question whether logic can ...
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