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Any known reaction of Lévi-Strauss to Gayle Rubin's Traffic in Women?

Someone knows if Claude Lévi-Strauss ever commented Gayle Rubin's paper 'The Traffic in Women'? I'm thinking in particular of paragraphs following that starting with It is of interest to carry this ...
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Is gender sex-based, socially constructed or both? [closed]

Does the mere existence of intersex people (and people with 1 XX chromosomes, for example XXY) destroy the claim that gender is based on biological sex? Can this be considered a valid exception, and ...
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Studies exploring the rationale of gender equality

I've been trying to find books&other scientific material that mentions why the gender equality is important and should be achieved. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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How can anything, such as a gender or sex, be said to exist?

It’s very common to hear people nowadays say that there are two related aspects of humans with regards to perhaps something we could call “dimorphism” or typology associated with form and reproductive ...
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Moral argument against grammatical gender

Many languages have grammatical gender, according to which every object has a gender that determines what form of articles to use with that noun, how to decline adjectives modifying that noun, etc. ...
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What did Judith Butler mean by "differential axis of domination" in Gender Trouble?

Can anyone explain the meaning of the following from Judith Butler's Gender Trouble: Juridical notions of power appear to regulate political life in purely negative terms—that is, through the ...
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Does the requirement to use preferred gender pronous preclude the participation of people whose faith teaches that gender cannot be changed?

There are numerous cases where the views held by different people clash. Homosexual intercourses are one such obvious example: many religious denominations (for example Catholicism) consider them ...
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What determines a person's gender identity?

I've noticed that when many transgender allies and even some transgender people themselves have their claims investigated that they, in my estimation, can never really answer them too adequately: one ...
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What does gender have to do with epistemology?

I am learning about feminist epistemology through the text of Lorraine Code (What Can She Know? Feminist Theory and the Construction of Knowledge) and that of Susan Bordo (The Flight to Objectivity: ...