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Graduate Program in Philosophy

I have bachelor's and master's in pure Mathematics and currently I am a math phd student in the United States. I was wondering can I get admitted to a European university (in Germany, Austria, ...
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Pursue philosophy without spending a ton on college?

I am a working tech professional who wants to switch gears and pursue philosophy as more than just a hobby. I might have saved enough to tide over the transition, but not to spend on the crazy college ...
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Why does Pnumology come up with a lot of medical articles when looking for explanations?

I was doing some research on Pnumology philosophy (Theological [JP2] Philosophy class) that I plan to publish as one of my many books, and am getting a lot of medical articles, so it got me to ...
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Philosophy of Physics/Mathematics PhD with Mathematics/Physics undergrad (no philosophy undergrad)

I've found that I'm really interested in some research in the philosophy of mathematics and physics that's currently happening at various institutions. However, I don't have much experience in ...
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Is it an issue to not have read major works when going into Philosophy graduate school (history of ideas)

I am currently doing an undergraduate degree in philosophy and I want to study history of ideas in graduate school. I'm planning to apply to programs in UK/Europe or history of ideas focused ...
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