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5 answers

Does guilt and conscience come from a higher source?

Can someone have a conscience if they never were taught what was good from bad? Could they feel guilty without the education of what was right? If so, does that mean that conscience could come from a ...
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Kant and "the causes of living"

Once upon a time, I was thinking about the argument for the justification of mass civilian killing that is read off a sense of collective responsibility in "evil nations," and wondered: If ...
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2 answers

Isn't it is unethical that lawyers protect their client even after knowing the client is guilty, isn't its injustice to the true person?

Imagine a lawyer already knows the guilt of his client, has all the proofs then too why he protects the unethical side, isn't that injustice to the other side.
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Can you make a promise if you experience no guilt

I am having trouble to understand why Nietzche wants to get rid of guilt. From what I understand he claims that guilt was introduced by the ressintiment of the oppressed slaves as a way to vent their ...
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3 votes
4 answers

How can I abandon beliefs supplied by the culture?

I have beliefs which seem irrational and trivial to me. These beliefs diminish my freedom. But still, guilt is produced when I am not acting in accordance with these beliefs. I am not speaking about ...
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