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Are there any philosophers who argued for a hedonistic way of living?

By hedonism I mean the pursuit of primarily pleasure, specifically carnal pleasures such as food/sex/adrenaline inducing activities/etc. It seems almost non traditional to even admit to want your life ...
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What is most important in life? [closed]

So my journey with philosophy has been a perilous one with exestential crisis after exestential crisis, but my latest one is a particularly gnarly one. Naturally I have an epicurean view of death ( ...
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Why is egoism arbitrary?

The second theory, the theory of intrinsic value, also has roots in ancient ethics, specifically, Plato’s theory of Forms. But unlike Plato’s theory, the basic tenets of which include certain ...
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Is Nozick's Experience Machine self-defeating?

Nozick's experience machine is usually described as able to bring about any desired experience. If it can't do that, then it's not a suitable object for the thought experiments Nozick and others build ...
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Is hedonism a sustainable philosophy?

Is the concept of the hedonistic treadmill true? The hedonic treadmill is a psychological theory that suggests that humans have a tendency to return to a relatively stable level of happiness or ...
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Humans’ goodness and happiness in hippies’ philosophy

It seems to me that for the hippies, humans are inherently good, and also that for them humans should seek to be happy (in a hedonistic way) if not all, at least most of the time. Is it correct? By “...
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What is the name of the philosophy that believes one should do whatever they want?

The philosophy in question believes: You only live once, and you have predetermined desires from your genetics and environment. If these desires are not fulfilled as short-term or long-term goals you ...
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Has anyone described etc. Ataraxia from not asking needless questions?

Has anyone described etc. Ataraxia from not asking needless questions? I am most familiar with the idea of ataraxy from Epicurus if one is frightened by the empty name of death, the fear will persist ...
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Can you help me understand Derek Parfit's thought experiment?

This is an excerpt from Parfit's Reasons and Persons. I can't totally wrap my head around it. Of course, I get the basic idea: Kate is a writer who works too hard. Her work makes her happy. But she ...
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Veganism and Cognitive dissonance

I had a recent discussion with a friend about the ethics and morality of veganism. I defined veganism as the following Minimising harm to animals to the maximal extent Some background information, ...
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Is Absurdism a form of hedonism?

I find it difficult to comprehend the philosophy of absurdism. Albert Camus defined it as "futility of a search for meaning in an incomprehensible universe, devoid of God, or meaning". What ...
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Which things are worth doing in life and which are not? How do we distinguish them?

This post asked Why we can't (or shouldn't) seek the things that give us direct pleasure (like drugs). Most people would think taking drugs is not worth doing. On the other hand, Epicurus believed ...
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What is the motivation of all individuals to stay alive?

What keeps an individual alive? If we make the following assumptions: There is nothing after death, only black. No heaven, no hell, no rebirth. So we don't take anything with us after death and ...
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What was Camus’ opinion of hedonism and determinism?

I’ve read The Myth Of Sisyphus, and it prompted some questions that I’m hoping other readers of Camus might be able to answer: Did Camus see unbridled hedonism as a solution to the nihilism caused by ...
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How to explain value and goodness of things without resorting to Hedonism?

This has been bothering me for a while. I do not believe that the ethical theory of hedonism represents the world in which we live truthfully, neither does it appeal to my common sense. However, ...
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Pleasure-maximizing hedonistic pacing

Suppose I am hedonist who wants to maximize the pleasure I experience in my life. I have observed the hedonic treadmill, and am aware that after having the same experience a few times, I will find it ...
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Was Nietzsche against hedonism?

At first, I think there is a difference between utilitarianism and hedonism in that first assumes some kind of utility which can be calculated and last simply puts that it's natural (we are not here ...
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Skepticism towards Nirvana, Moksha

Doesn't the Experience Machine thought experiment by Robert Nozick refute the idea of Nirvana and Moksha?
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Why can't we (or why shouldn't we) seek the things that give us direct pleasure (like drugs for example)?

This question can seem rather disturbing and make me look like I'm not very stable mentally, but let me explain. All of us live practically equally, our lives centered on a job or a career that can ...
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Which philosophy claims that our moral decisions should be based upon a universal algorithm?

Recently, I advocated here the idea that moral rules need to be universal in order to be coherent - we should be able to formalize our principles into a decision tree - a moral algorithm. The idea ...
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How Would Hedonists View a Hypothetical "Perfect Drug"?

If there exists a "perfect" drug that could safely reproduce the exact same experience as the greatest happiness and pleasure possible for a specific candidate in every respect (hedonic, cognitive, ...
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Can happiness be measured quantitatively? such that an amount of money can buy [closed]

There is a cliche, which is often used by the middle class, saying that happiness cannot be bought and supporting their thought by stating how many rich people suicide or constantly go to ...
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2 answers

Does Self-Refutation suffice for scholarly argumentation?

Does the significance of self-refutation vary based on the particulars involved or will such particulars always make a logical fallacy? To be more specific: If concept A is used to deny concept B, ...
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How does Nietzsche's last man refuse life?

The way Nietzsche talks about the last man suggests that they are concerned with making life more bearable, and not much else. A little poison now and then: that makes for pleasant dreams. And much ...
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