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Self-duality (in category theory) and advaita (non-duality in metaphysics)

In category theory, there are self-dual objects, where A ≅ A∗ (A is isomorphic to its dual), with the strict, but possibly non-coherent, case being when A equals A∗ (see Selinger[??]). In some ...
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Does the "sin that dwelleth in me" corresponds to kundalini?

In the Letter to the Romans, the apostle Paul writes about "sin" as some entity that dwells in the human body. Now, I do believe that this entity corresponds to kundalini. sin entered into ...
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How do Advaitans respond to Hegel's Absolute Idealism?

I have read quite a bit of Hindu philosophy, particularly that of the Advaitan school, and I'm trying to improve my understanding of German Idealism. My understanding of Hegel's Absolute is that it is ...
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Does the story of Madhavrao Peshva contradict the Gita

I would like to hear ideas on whether the story of Madhavrao Peshva (a brahmin-born who performed the duty of a warrior) contradicts the Gita's teaching that one should perform their own duty (and ...
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Advaita Vedanta and Zen Buddhism - Similarities and Differences

I asked a question about Zen Buddhism a few months ago, which called Mahayana (where Zen comes from) a fusion of Hinduism and Classic Buddhism. This would suggest strong similarities between Zen and ...
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