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What did Heidegger get wrong about Hölderlin?

The reason we know very much about Hölderlin isn't from Schelling or Hegel who actually knew him, but from Heidegger, many years after his death, to help fill out the nature of art in his ontology. ...
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Are there negative and positive forms of justice?

Holderlin in Hyperion, in his guise as Hyperion writes: The entire business of the intellect is makeshift. By its ability to sort out, it saves us from folly, from injustice; but to be safe from ...
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Did Heraclitus say this?

In Hyperion, Holderlin has his protagonist say: "The great, saying, the one differentiated in itself, of Heraclitus, could only be found by a Greek, for it is the very thing of Beauty and before ...