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What is the Difference Between Human Rights and Natural Rights?

When people discuss the human rights and natural rights, there seems to be a distinction between the two, where standard interpretations of human rights (such as the Universal Declaration of Human ...
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Are "universal human rights" demonstrable? How?

Are "universal human rights" (as per definitions by United Nations or others who try to argue for them) demonstrateable? How? I personally question this concept due to several reasons: Universality ...
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Contemporary objections to "human nature"

Motivation The sentiment that Human Rights are not universal poses legal, political, and philosophical problems. Stephen C. Angle cites the head of a Chinese delegation, Liu Huaqiu (1995), in his book ...
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Would a theoretical decision maker subscribing to the following principles decide against human abortion?

I'd like to ask a purely logical question (with no regards to personal "opinion" or religion) about the interpretation of science on the matter of abortion in the situation of a decision being made ...
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Does human life have innate value over that of other animals?

Does human life have innate value over that of other animals? If so, why? And is it wrong to murder another human, but morally permissible to hunt or fish?
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What were Plato's view on slavery, in particular with respect to his proposed Utopia?

In the Dialogues(specifically The Republic), when he is discussing his Utopia, At one point, he does say that children should not be treated differently based on their parent's status in life. However,...
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What are some good books on the relationship between animals and human beings?

So, there are a number of things I am actually after with this, but to try to encapsulate the concern briefly: which thinkers or writers might comment on the relationship between animals and human ...
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Philosophical justification for giving certain animals rights of a person?

There is a growing movement for the bestowing certain non-human species with legal rights of a person. What might be some of the most significant or important philosophical arguments in favor of such ...
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What arguments are there for considering forced sterilization a human rights violation? Rather than not consider it?

What arguments are there for considering forced sterilization a human rights violation? Rather than not consider it? I have a hard time in understanding why such being a human rights violation could ...
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What philosophers argued that human rights can be forfeited?

I'm writing an argumentative paper on a controversial topic, and the stance I want to take is that there are certain actions that an individual can take (such as terrorism, child molestation) that ...
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How do you tell what are human rights?

Recently on Google's homepage there is a quote attributed to the Olympic Charter: The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without ...
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Generalize Article I of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

I find Article I of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights to be fascinatingly insightful and concise: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with ...
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How much if any suspension of civil liberties can be ethically justified during a "state of war"? [closed]

We constantly see civil liberties getting sacked because the country/state/city/town is in a state of war (let it be curfews or bugging civilian mobile phones). How much is ok? At what level is it ...
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Is forced labor without pay under poor work conditions , slavery?

In Canada, our prison system has a type of forced labor which the prisoners are not paid, the equipment is unsafe and has caused potentially life threatening injuries not limited to loss of limbs. "...
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Is beauty a basic human need?

Did any philosopher argue that beauty is a basic human need? By "beauty" (pulchritudo) I mean, as St. Thomas Aquinas defines it ([II-II q. 145 a. 2][4] co.), that which results from the ...
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Does the potential to be an intelligent life not qualify an organism as being equally valuable?

This question made an argument about abortion "based on the philosophical concept of intelligent life being valuable". This answer to that question claimed that an early-stage fetus isn't yet "...
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Does a person have the freedom or the right to not work?

Ethically and morally, does a person have the freedom or the right to not work? If it is so, is it conditional or not and how? My first idea is that if everyone in the world does not work, then the ...
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The Philosophy of War and Value Judgement [closed]

With the war in Ukraine, I think a field has been opened up for studying the philosophy of war deeper. First of all, I would like to state that I oppose the war in Ukraine and Russian government's ...
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