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What evidence is there for Nietzsche's division of people into higher and lower types?

What evidence is there that there are two types of people, specifically an elite higher type? Did Nietzsche have authentic reasons to suppose that?
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Humanism and Its Aspirations (Humanist Manifesto III): Individual or collective "life fulfillment?"

Referring to Humanism and Its Aspirations (Humanist Manifesto III), the fourth premise is: Life’s fulfillment emerges from individual participation in the service of humane ideals. ...what does ...
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The role of the fool in philosophy

The Shakespearean fool, though not necessarily well educated and by most appearances a simpleton, is nevertheless often wiser and cleverer than, and consequently outwits, his superiors of higher ...
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Can the French "moralistes" be considered as (Renaissance) humanists?

Can the French "moralistes" of the XVIIth century be considered as (Renaissance) humanists, and if not why? Thinking here about the moralistic figures of the French classicism: Jean de La ...
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