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19 answers

Is Alzheimer’s disease evidence for the non-existence of the soul?

As Alzheimer's disease kills off neurons, a person's personality and cognitive abilities gradually fade away. Doesn't this suggest that the self or "soul" is simply an emergent property of ...
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2 answers

Can atheism be considered as cult [closed]

I had recently conversation trying to understand if atheism is religion. However best argument I had - is that lack of belief into something isn’t theology - and it seems fare to me. However speaking ...
2 votes
1 answer

On Plato's Transmigration of Souls

In Plato's theory of transmigration of souls, do some souls ever make it to a place of eternal bliss or get remanded to a place of eternal punishment?
1 vote
1 answer

Does Kant anywhere address a possible argument for immateriality of soul from pure concepts?

Pure concepts which are recognized by Kant for their epistemological functions may themselves serve an argument for immateriality of the soul. The argument can look like this Pure concepts don't ...