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What do you call a "false corollary" or leap in logic?

If I make a provocative statement like: I recommend South American chocolate to professional chefs. Some readers infer what I currently think of as "false corollaries": Professional chefs ...
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3 answers

Implicature vs implication

In Logic: The Laws of Truth, Smith divides the informational content of an utterance into three categories: What is said - the underlying claim/proposition being expressed. What is implied - the ...
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Does Grice's quotation have a coherent meaning, and if so, what is it?

What is the meaning of this, and is this an example of bad writing? "For it will be possible to construct in terms of the formal devices a system of very general formulas, a considerable number ...
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Is it rational to use disjunctive imperative sentences?

Suppose you tell someone, "Go to the store or go to the creek." Now, if this person is otherwise predisposed to one option, and your command triggers this predisposition, then by issuing the ...
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