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How real is the distinction Durkheim makes between the 2 forms of individualism in his 'Individualism and the Intellectuals'?

A summary from Britannica: The French sociologist Émile Durkheim (1858–1917) identified two types of individualism: the utilitarian egoism of the English sociologist and philosopher Herbert Spencer (...
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Should Bergson be described as an individualist?

It's claimed that Bergson's "intuition of pure duration" is the "highest and most valuable form of human experience": is this an individualist or collectivist good? I'm asking because I'm interested ...
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Putting together a book list on individual vs collective thinking

I am very interested on comparing the drives to and results from individualist vs collectivist thinking. I'd like about 5-10 books and for them to portray both sides of the argument. So far I have: &...
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Philosophy of non duality or oneness it's equivalent in west

In India there is a philosophy of non duality / oneness / enlightenment... And people practice it... Is there something similar in western philosophy ? Also there is this idea that the individual the ...
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