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Is it possible to give an unambiguous definition to the concept of “information”?

Webster's Dictionary, for example, shows us the following loop of definitions: defines information through knowledge defines knowledge through fact defines fact through information Is it possible ...
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Can information exist without a carrier?

Does creation of information yield any results when there is nothing to "store" it? To put it in an example: if a tree branch falls in the forest and nobody sees or hears it, did it actually ...
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How essential is transparency in the AI future?

How essential is transparency in the AI future? Not just as a safeguard against anti democratic tendencies, but whether it is innately abuse to train AI to pose as a human, without clearly signallying ...
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What is the combination problem for panpsychism?

If consciousness at a fundamental level can combine to form other, more complicated conscious minds, then how does this occur? This was first posed by William James in 1890 in The principles of ...
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What functions exist to represent the idea of an object being “self-contiguous”?

I have had an intuitive idea for a while that I am now trying to link to the actual mathematical theory treating this. The idea comes from debating if a thing is “intrinsically real” or just “socially ...
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A universal construction on some data D

I am picturing a sequence of symbols S, of length L. The symbols are from alphabet A, with k distinct symbols. The symbols can repeat, there can also be 0 of a particular symbol in sequence S. This is ...
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What is computation?

The most common definitions of computation I have seen are in terms of "what Turing Machines, Lambda Calculus, etc. do," which is unsatisfying. The definition of computable functions does ...
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The symbol grounding problem, physicalism and 2nd law of thermodynamics?

How does a physicalist resolve this dilemma (and what is it known as)? Consider a physicalist who wants to solve the symbol grounding problem. He postulates that a particular brain configuration ...
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When I present information (to myself or others), e.g. by making a statement, is this accompanied by another statement, that what I said is true?

When I make a first-order claim like, "The sky is cloudy right now," is this claim implicitly accompanied by a second-order claim like, "What I just said is true/not a lie"? Or ...
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Knowing that they know that you know that they know

Suppose there are two spies, A and B. There is also a secret, s. The following situation unfolds: (1) A learns s. (2) B learns that A knows s. (3) A learns that B knows that A knows s. (4) B learns ...
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Is this spreading a lie considered lying?

So if person A is fed false information by person B, and person A goes on to tell this information to person C in the best way possible in the exact way they heard it are they lying? Person A would be ...
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Gradations of epistemological categories

For my philosophy discussion group, I am looking for real life examples that would fit the above illustration. What would be some good examples? Data is a collection of facts, while information puts ...
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The relationship between energy and information

I read that the Inuit consider the caribou and the wolf to be complimentary parts of an inclusive, larger entity. I am curious whether it is useful to view the relationship between energy and ...
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Information(matter or energy)

What is information? Is information matter or energy or neither but how can neither be possible. If we assume it to be either matter or energy then it must be following the laws of conservation. If ...
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How can we classify and differentiate sources of information for humans?

I was always taught in elementary about the primary, secondary, and tertiary sources of information. However, as I ponder about it I thought in a scenario of the game "pass the message" ...
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What is information?

I am fascinated with information theory, as put together by Claude Shannon in the 1940s. It is amazing to me that this concept arose from analysing letters in the alphabet and then was later ...
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Where can I find good place to obtain philosophy articles, journals, and books for free?

Where can I find a good place to obtain philosophy articles, journals, and books for free?
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Where does computations occur, in Mind or in Matter?

Short and silly question, but it opens-up to a separation of idealism and materialism on the basis of information. If computations (in the scenario of a materialistic-computational perspective of the ...
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Is information the foundation of reality? [closed]

More and more philosophers and scientists speculate that the basis of reality could be information, however there is something that does not come back to me in this line of reasoning: information is a ...
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I know that he knows that I know that he knows

Not sure if this is the right place for this question but here goes... Some time in the past I've stumbled upon some site/article/post/etc that discussed the issue of 2 parties having (or not) some ...
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Is the concept of information nonphysical?

To keep within the guidelines of only asking questions that have a definite answer, I will stipulate that I am asking about cases where the question has been considered in an academically respectable ...
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Does all information about you belong to you? [closed]

This is a multi-faceted topic, one that sprawls many fields, from computer science to law, but I will attempt to be brief. Does information about you belong to you? In today's society, the topics of ...
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Did Wheeler's "It from Bit" allow inconsistencies to exist?

Physicist John Wheeler proposed a model of the universe based on "It from Bit" asserting that the world is fundamentally information. I've been told both that Wheeler's It from Bit is compatible with ...
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Understanding Hintikka's scandal of deduction (as depicted by D'Agostino)

I am having trouble understanding Hintikka's Scandal of Deduction, as depicted in D'Agostino's article. According to this account, the problem stems from the fact that, while first order logic is ...
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Can hypercomputation compute the impossible?

There are things which are illogical/logically impossible (like saying that 2+2=4 and 2+2=5. Without changing anything in the axioms of mathematics or logic, this would be a contradiction and would be ...
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Does reaching independently identical reasoning mean some potentially pre-formatted mind?

I am collecting examples of persons/.../groups reaching identical reasoning but in an independent way. Here are only three examples of such collection: *[Leibniz/Newton: Calculus], [The Lotka - ...
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What is the difference between depth and surface information?

I was looking for an answer to this question: Was Euclid's method of proof axiomatic? While doing so I ran across an abstract of Jaakko Hintikka for an article "What is the axiomatic method?" ...
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Are uncomputable numbers/things a problem for Wheeler's "it from bit"?

I have some questions related to Wheeler's ideas of "It from bit" and "Law without law" In summary, these both theories postulate that there was an initial universe with no laws from which laws of ...
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Can Schmidhuber's hypothesis reproduce all types of universes? And Wheeler's it from bit? Or Weizsäcker's ur-theory?

I found a paper that talked about paraconsistent logic systems ( and trivialist systems ( and the ...
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Can anybody list all the religion? Or the most commonly known. Also, what to they practice or follow? [closed]

I want to expend my knowledge toward understanding who I am as a human- being and what I belief in. Sometime I don't fully know where I stand and one way to start that is by simply narrowing down what ...
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Information about Satan [closed]

I'm looking for some information/books/papers/essays about the archetype of Satan as the Antagonist of our lives and not the villain. I've found some information but it is really hard to find ...
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Is information causal?

I am coming to this question in response to scepticism about emergentism as more than an overlay (eg. SEP article). Entropy is well established as related to relative information about systems, and ...
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