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Authenticity in art

I know the question some how tricky if not even boring, but the other day during a conference about Guido Reni and Caravaggio’s Saint Peter a group of scholars were discussing if a philological ...
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In the "philosophy of action" what is the difference between an "intention" and a "volition"

Reading about the philosophy of action here, I am finding it difficult to distinguish between the two. What is meant by intention and how is it ...
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Decisions, intentions and actions

I need help with a practical question about intention and action. I had a brownie. I decided to eat half a brownie now, and save half for later. Then, a few moments after making that decision, I found ...
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Honesty vs. Bluntness

In both professional and personal life, we tend to meet people who can be quite blunt in being honest. I do not have any historical example to support this claim but it probably happens, mostly in ...
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