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How does Marxist 'alienation' map onto (a lack of) "intersubjective meaningfulnes"?

How does Marxist 'alienation' map onto (a lack of) "intersubjective meaningfulness", how close is the latter to any form of 'alienation'? I take it that the latter is readily understood: we ...
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To what extent is intersubjective agreement required for one to be justified in trusting one's own subjective experiences?

Context: this is a follow-up to my last question Is the hallucination hypothesis always the best explanation? Suppose A has a subjective experience (or multiple subjective experiences) that leads them ...
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Can I know something but not be able to justify it to anyone else?

Can I know something but not be able to justify it to anyone else? I don't necessarily mean metaphysical puzzles, but everyday examples. If I cannot - and I know I cannot - prove to anyone else, all ...
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Is the clear/unclear distinction itself clear, unclear, or something else?

Suppose that clarity occurs for two representations when one attends to what makes the representations different. (This is, to my knowledge, a somewhat common or accepted "definition" of ...
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Inverted spatial qualia: a detectable example?

The SEP article on inverted qualia discusses this mostly as follows: One of [Frege's] theses in The Foundations of Arithmetic is that arithmetic is “objective”, which he explains as follows: What is ...
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Is physical attractiveness subjective? [closed]

At one level, it seems obviously the case that this is true. Yet clearly, there are people who exist that most would call attractive and others who most would call not. So, how is the question of ...
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