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2 votes
3 answers

Is it possible for some being to violate the laws of physics?

Is it possible for some being to violate the laws of physics? My belief is that it isn't possible for any being, no matter how powerful, to violate the laws of physics. Because, simply by definition, ...
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15 votes
18 answers

Why do scientific laws persist?

Why don’t the laws stop today, or change, or work differently? What is keeping them afloat and consistent? What keeps them constant? Does this just follow from the fact that laws exist or is this ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Is the concept of "supernatural laws" an oxymoron?

In the discussion on defining and distinguishing between naturalism and supernaturalism, is it coherent to entertain the notion of a supernatural realm governed by rules or laws, and if so, would it ...
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Does necessitarianism make the concept of law of nature vacuous?

I am someone who believes that everything is necessary, that only the actual is possible. However, I came across a somewhat disturbing implication of my view. I believe my view entails that every true ...
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