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Is "may exist" and "may not exist" a negation that isn't a contradiction?

As usually happens, a statement (p) and its negation (~p) contradict each other. So, e.g. God does not exist, the negation of, God exists, together form a contradictory pair. A statement (p) and its ...
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Is there a difference between contradictory and the opposite?

Is there a difference between contradictory and the opposite? In natural language, we have the idea of opposite such as 'The opposite of good is evil'. In logic, we can represent that symbolically. ...
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Do philosophers think physical laws are logical statements?

I had some questions like: Do philosophers think that the rules of the universe are always logical or can they be somehow divorced from logic? The rules of physics seem to follow the laws of logic, so ...
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What is the difference between Law of Excluded Middle and Principle of Bivalence?

Law of Excluded Middle: In logic, the law of excluded middle (or the principle of excluded middle) is the third of the so-called three classic laws of thought. It states that for any proposition, ...
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