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What are the moral and ethical arguments surrounding the proposed legalization of the Ouroboros Steak?

Apparently the future is lab-grown meat which will see the end of slaughtering animals. However buisness tycoons are apparently not stopping at animal meat, and are proposing to grow human meat. One ...
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How have successful governments legislated morality?

In what ways has law fostered a culture of clear morality? Are there objective measurements to state what would be beneficial to the people which laws are meant for? I'm very interested in ways that ...
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Social Response to Legal/Moral Duty Violation

When a person, especially a public figure, has committed a serious legal or moral violation, there is a tendency for friends/clients/companies/etc. to dissociate from that individual, even if the ...
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Should a crime against an adult automatically be a crime against a child? [closed]

Person A does Act B to Person C. The law says this is a crime. If Person C is a minor, Act B is no longer a crime. What are the arguments for and against this kind of legal / social arrangement? I ...
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Can my attitude kill you? Part 2

This question follows on (sort off): Can my attitude kill you? Taking attitude to mean: The unique medley of ideas that makes the person. Suppose I'm a doubly depressed neurotic pessimist. Who can ...
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Human cost of OJ Simpson court proceedings

This is along the lines of Trolley Problem, or the scenario of convicting an innocent person to save many lives. I use the OJ Simpson trial only as an example of a high profile trial. One could ...
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Who can decide what fields are legitimate study fields?

Who can decide what fields are legitimate study fields (in institutionalized schooling that is)? Obviously legislature affects this, but how can one understand, whether those doing legislating ...
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Argument for why pornography legal/prostitution illegal

Can anyone make a reasonable case why prostitution should be illegal while pornography is legal? It seems strange to me that it should be OK to pay for sex as long as you PROMISE that it will be ...
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Are public trials ethical?

A lot of us may remember Casey Anthony, OJ Simpson, George Zimmerman, and the the recent cases about police misconduct. In each of these cases, the individuals were found not guilty by a jury of their ...
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Propositional Logic - Best Way to Translate Complex Legal Statutes [closed]

If one wanted to use standard propositional logic, what would be the most efficient way to translate a sentence from a natural language like: "Capital murder is the premeditated or non-premeditated ...
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Is it immoral to download music illegally?

I should first point out that the title is more to capture a common occurrence of the broader idea I want to address in this question. It is also somewhat incorrect in that—at least in the US—I'm not ...
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