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Harm Principle and Duty to Rescue - Which "baseline" should an action be compared against when assessing harm?

Preface ("What isn't my question") As prominently articulated by Mill, liberalism (and the harm principle) asserts that it is always bad for aggregate utility to coercively interfere in ...
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The split from Christianity to socialism and liberalism

It appears that from Christianism there was a split between those who decided to emphasize the Christian idea of charity (love) (like Thomas More, Meslier, Saint-Simon, Cabet, Polanyi), which gave ...
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Is the reasonableness of a belief or moral claim relative?

Is the reasonableness of a belief or moral claim relative? I found some articles on the ethical word "reasonable", but lack access. Apparently it is key to "liberal" political ...
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To whom/which school of thought Mises is responding when affirming that human impulses can be controlled?

Ludwig von Mises makes the affirmation that human instincts and impulses can be exerted control over: What distinguishes man from beasts is precisely that he adjusts his behavior deliberatively. Man ...
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Dialectics and postmodernism as competing attacks on liberalism

I recently posted an inquiry over the attitude of Hegelian and Marxist dialectics toward Enlightenment liberalism. A comment mentioned postmodernism as an example of a tradition more plainly ...
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