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Are all languages universal?

I am reading the book titled 'A Companion to Philosophical Logic,' where I gained insight into how logic serves as a tool for representing our thoughts, which are expressed in natural language. In my ...
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3 answers

Neo-liberalism, language and freedom?

Background Byung Chulhan in his book psychopolitics defines freedom in two ways: a. He defines it as an interlude which the subject feels when passing between lifestyles or ideologies. This is a ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Language, thought, cognition

Are thoughts distinct from natural language and if so how can 'thought' be defined so this might be established if it is in fact the case? I am asking in response to a question elsewhere in 'Stack' ...
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27 votes
9 answers

Is a human language a prison for a mind?

I am dealing with a question whether is a human language a prison for a mind and also whether is there something above a human language. my progress: I have read articles on wikipedia about ...
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What is the name of the phenomenon that a thing must be named in order to understand it?

The concept is popular in the media and philosophy that to understand a thing, one should have a name for it. In Star War it is widely known with "Named must your fear be before banish it you can&...
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2 answers

Language and consciousness

Background When studying German, I started to think on language and its relation to reality. The story I came up with is like this: As we know we are born with no language. The baby starts trying ...
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language and time (in "arrival") [closed]

Upon seeing the much discussed movie - arrival: how far can one stretch the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis? Could it transcend space and take over time? Could a language, however complicated, once learned ...
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13 votes
4 answers

Does languange somehow filter what we can know?

I've read a proposition somewhere: That our languange acts as a filter, allowing us to know certain things while making it impossible to know the rest(1). It seems that mathematics has some things ...
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13 votes
2 answers

How does language alter our experience of the world?

I was thinking — if we didn't have words our experiences would be different somehow. It seems to me that perhaps words are limiting our experiences because as soon as we relate an experience to a ...
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