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Can the existence of space be in the absence of matter/energy and time? [closed]

This question has potentially a long answer or ironically a very short answer if the question is a load of nonsense, however, I'm going to ask it anyhow. I propose there are three fundamental ...
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Does matter have an intrinsic nature?

Russell posits that matter has an intrinsic as well as an extrinsic nature. There is being as well as doing. He says "We know nothing about the intrinsic quality of physical events except when ...
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Matter and form vs. noumena and phenomena

Aristotle says that the objects of experience are made up of matter which has taken up a form. This can be understood in a fairly unremarkable sense: in a statue of Aphrodite, the matter is marble, ...
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What do materialists mean by 'material' ? Is it matter ? Is it energy ? What is our evidence for its existence? [closed]

Overview of relevant material views. Evidence for existence of this material. Role of the observer.
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What is "matter"?

How do philosophers define matter? Maybe we could say that matter is made out of fundamental particles. However, that ignores dark matter and energy. But even if we ignore this, what are fundamental ...
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