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Is it wise of me to continue learning about philosophy? [closed]

I know this question isn't exactly about philosophy, I am not quite sure what tag to use. Perhaps it is better suited for some psychological forum but I think there is a fair chance that someone here ...
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Did what I do in this game constitute a logical fallacy or not?

Thinking about my previous question, I'm starting to think I didn't ask the right question. I'm making this to determine if I did or not. I don't think this is the typical type of question that goes ...
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Do philosophers talk about "philosophical judgment"

Does 'philosophical judgment' exist? I studied philosophy at undergrad, and I think I learnt how to judge an argument, not simply as sound or cogent, but "interesting", which arguments are ...
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Do stories contain "Meta-truth"? Jordan Peterson

I am hoping someone can help me find what is wrong and/or right with the idea of "meta-truth". I am also curious as to what can be problematic. ..I don't think "meta-truth" is defined officially. ...
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How do proofs about logic fit into a logical framework?

I'm learning logic from Michael O'Leary's A First Course in Mathematical Logic and Set Theory. In chapter 1 he carefully explains the meaning of logical implication (p ⊨ q), logical inference (p ⟹ q), ...
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