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Is science an emergent phenomenon? [closed]

I often wonder if science is never-ending and the universe is finite or infinite in complexity. But perhaps, the universe and the scientific observations are infinite because science is an emergent ...
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Distinction between classical essential (primary) and non-essential (secondary) properties of matter vs. modern primary-secondary qualities?

Primary qualities according to modernity (Galileo, Descartes, Hobbes) are qualities that are quantitative/mathematical. Everything else cannot be reduced to mathematics—e.g., a sensible is a secondary ...
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How does mathematical atomism do away with the classical conception of man?

I've been reading E.A. Burtt, The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Science. I keep going back to Galileo and his idea of motion, space, and time. I still can't internalize what he means by man ...
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What did Kant mean when he said that phoronomically motion is subjective but dynamically objective?

Reference: Kant's footnote, 4:559-560, "General Remark to Phenomenology," Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science In logic the either-or always signifies a disjunctive judgment, where, ...
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