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How is AI changing our view of consciousness? [closed]

Consciousness doesn't reveal itself except through behaviour. We can't see others' minds, but we can hear their voice and what they say. This leads the observer to conclude that their interlocutor has ...
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Starting An Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding. Will this be fun?

As someone with a deep interest in philosophy and the intricacies of human understanding, I have decided to embark on an exciting intellectual journey, delving into the realm of David Hume's "An ...
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If some people don't have an internal monologue, is that a problem for arguments for the existence of other minds? All arguments in favor of the existence of other minds claim that other people have minds similar to my mind. My mind is ...
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If I know something, should I feel as though I have absolute certainty as to that thing?

I've been trying to wrap my head around the justified true belief analysis of knowledge along with the fallibly justified, true belief analysis of knowledge; and there is something that keeps ...
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Is there a mathematical grounding for functionalism?

Take the sep definition of functionalism: Functionalism in the philosophy of mind is the doctrine that what makes something a mental state of a particular type does not depend on its internal ...
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Does gender identity require a dualist account of consciousness?

For the sake of argument, let us say that gender identity exists and is analytically and ontologically distinct from sex. Let us also say that: Gender identity is accessible through introspection, ...
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Does the computational theory of mind explain anything?

In science, when you theorize that X reduces to Y, you propose a theory that links X and Y in some causal way. Physicists don't just say, "What you experiences as a gas is really a swarm of fast-...
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Is anything known about the physical, neural, mental, and/or logical characteristics or conditions of “wanting”?

I do not mean the word “wanting” itself, since a word can refer to many things, or a spectrum of qualities that may or may not be seen a connected thing or not. If we try to identify a more clear ...
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What's the solution to the problem of other minds? [duplicate] I have never understood what the solution to the problem of other minds is. At first, the article said that: "One standard line of reply to this ...
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Why do some physicalists use the Turing Machine as a model of the brain?

It has always puzzled me when people casually make comments like "Since the brain is a Turing Machine...". Just to clarify: I'm talking about generic discussions, not philosophical journals ...
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Can minds be uploaded in computers?

The idea runs around of loading minds up in computers. It's a recurring theme in SF culture and thought about the technological possibilities in the future. We can read on Wikipedia: Mind uploading, ...
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How can the sensation of pain be explained materialistically?

Physicalism, be it reductionist or holistic, tries to explain every phenomenon by materialisic processes. These can be seen as noumenon, existing independently of human beings. But the true nature of ...
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If Integrated Information theory is correct, might ant colonies and beehives be conscious and self aware?

Julio Tononi proposes that consciousness arises when information is extensively processed and shared between components of a system (like the brain). Ants and bees (and some fungi) share chemical ...
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What is meant by other minds?

I recently asked about the argument for proving the existence of other minds. This argument is called the best explanation argument. Could you ...
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What is the role of mental images in the perception of absence?

In the book “Metaphysics, a very short introduction” by Stephen Mumford, near the end of Chapter 9 titled “Is nothing something?”, I read the following puzzling lines: “Jean-Paul Sartre discussed the ...
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