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The mind–body problem is the problem of explaining how our mental states, events and processes—like beliefs, actions and thinking—are related to the physical states,events and processes in our bodies, given that the human body is a physical entity and the mind is non-physical.

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If we would split my brain would there be two of me? [closed]

Considering that I can survive with only half of my brain, and I am a mind living in a body. If we would split my brain in two and then implant one part into some other body and leave other half in my ...
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What school of thought is used in Wolfenstein: The New Order Tekla Monologue?

What philosophical frame is used in this Wolfenstein: The New Order Tekla Monologue? -B Jesus Christ Tekla, aren't you asleep? -T I try not to sleep. No telling if I will ever wake up. -T Let me ask ...
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About a mind / brain analogy regarding computers [closed]

If the Mind is associated with a self-organizing system of software ( like in an A.I. system) and the Brain is associated with the system's hardware then it is assumed by many that the Brain causes ...
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Am I not my body?

My intuitive reaction to thought experiments such as described in the following question leaves me thinking I am not my body. Almost Sure Mind Transfer via Parfit's Identity Theory (interesting ...
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3 votes
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Is soul motion? [closed]

Has any philosopher shown that it is not? Aristotle holds - that the soul is the form, or essence of any living thing. René Descartes holds - that the mind is a nonphysical substance. If we assume ...
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The Notion of Objectivity

It seems to me that one of the most fundamental concepts in philosophy is "objectivity" since trying to find an answer for a question of any sort would ultimately depend upon the answer of ...
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What speaks for — and against — elimiative physicalism?

In the body-mind-problem, I myself stand on the side of eliminative physicalism. I find this position to be the easiest to argue for: We saw persons changing their minds when their brains changed, ...
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2 answers

How is physicalism true? [closed]

Assumptions: Human auras exist. There is a subset of the population who are capable of discerning their properties, by whatever means. Machines can not sense human auras. Following these ...
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3 votes
5 answers

Would rebuilding a human body rebuild the person it was?

I have zero background in philosophy, so forgive me for...asking this in an informal manner. We have a hypothetical scenario. Suppose that our consciousness at some time were reducible to ...
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In Hinduism, what is an astral body? [closed]

As per Hindu philosophy, there are three things - Body, Mind and Soul. Sometimes we come across this term "Astral Body." I read in a book: "When doing meditation, deeply into it, our astral body ...
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1 answer

Is there a philosophical difference between consciousness and self-consciousness?

I was contemplating Heideggers idea of Being whose Being is a problem. Self-consciousness to me, whilst directly speaks of consciousness that is aware of its own self as a consciousness, also carries ...
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3 votes
1 answer

What area of philosophy deals with that which is outside of the normal (physical) reality (i.e. the "paranormal")?

I know that several different philosophy currents touch the subject of what we are as humans, what does it mean to be alive, and if we are something transcendent to the mere bodily representation that ...
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9 votes
16 answers

If I upload my brain into a computer is it still me?

I think the answer is yes but I know a lot of people disagree. So, I would like to ask these people when exactly does it stop being me. Let's say I want to upload my brain into a computer using the ...
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2 votes
7 answers

Am I still the same person as I was yesterday?

Since every living being has a metabolism, we all live in non-equilibrium state. We keep on exchanging molecules and atoms with our environment. I assume that our brain is affected by this as well as ...
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What is the modern solution to the mind-body problem for those who still hold the mind is separate?

René Descartes gave us the problem of how the mind interacts with the body in its modern formulation. Essentially, he asked how the incorporeal mind was able to influence the material body. He also ...
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