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The older, the smarter. Is the wisdom of time a scientifically proven fact or just human prejudices?

For example, physicists, engineers, computer scientists don't care much about ancient studies and don't mind throwing away older theories and research. Yet, in philosophy and religious studies, we ...
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What are some great philosophers of the 20th/21st century, and what are their ideologies?

I am new to philosophy and would like to learn more about it in the future. I would like to compile a list of influential philosophers of the 20th and 21st century and a brief overview of their ...
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Why the sudden change of Nicolas of Cusa's political thought?

Nicolas of Cusa wrote De Concordantia Catholica in 1433/34, and it contained pretty revolutionary political ideas: Going beyond tradition and canon law, he argues on the basis of people’s natural ...
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Descartes and Montaigne

My history professor recently told us that Michel de Montaigne—who I had never heard of before—had many of Descartes's ideas before Descartes did and that most of Descartes's arguments were not very ...
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