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Essay critiques on monetary utilitarianism

I am trying to figure out what are the critiques of a Utilitarianism oriented around money. The critiques of Utilitarianism in general is pretty easy to find online, but not for specifically about ...
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Is it money that sets humans' societies apart from animals? [closed]

I've been thinking: Animals never exchange stuff to satisfy their needs. If a wolf wants to eat, it'll kill another animal. If it wants to reproduce itself, it'll just find another wolf and do it. The ...
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What is meant by Georg Simmel’s philosophy of money?

I am reading a book about how money works that contains a brief summary of Georg Simmel’s Philosophy of Money: “Published in 1900, German sociologist Georg Simmel's book The Philosophy of Money looked ...
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How should you live when you have options?

If you have the opportunity to earn money easily (for example just doing dropshipping, or selling oil reserve) which requires less self control and discipline. And the other is by doing difficult job (...
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Can an amount of money be equivalent to a product?

The concept of money as the measure of value is weird to me. Let's assume a loaf of bread is 2 dollars in price. Thus we have this equation: a loaf of bread = 2 dollars However, according to the ...
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