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What is lost upon death?

If something at the moment of death contains the same matter as that something when alive, what is lost? How does physicalism (physical monism) explain what that loss is?
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Is quantum entanglement an example of consciousness at the quantum level?

This is a philosophical question about the relation between quantum physics and consciousness. Is Bell's Theorem related to free will and consciousness at the quantum level? If consciousness is ...
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Self-duality (in category theory) and advaita (non-duality in metaphysics)

In category theory, there are self-dual objects, where A ≅ A∗ (A is isomorphic to its dual), with the strict, but possibly non-coherent, case being when A equals A∗ (see Selinger[??]). In some ...
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Does matter have an intrinsic nature?

Russell posits that matter has an intrinsic as well as an extrinsic nature. There is being as well as doing. He says "We know nothing about the intrinsic quality of physical events except when ...
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Am I a materialist?

I believe that there is nothing even close to non-trivial certainty in philosophy, at least outside of ethics and psychology. For this reason, I believe in monism at about 60%. Furthermore, I believe ...
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Union of Cosmopsychism and the Many Worlds Interpretation

My question relates to the following essay: Cosmopsychism and the Many Worlds Interpretation: A Monistic Perspective on Consciousness and Quantum Mechanics The essay explores the combination of ...
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Is the idea that "Everything is energy" even coherent?

There are many New Age websites claiming Everything is energy. Does this even make sense in philosophy of physics and metaphysics? How can something be "made out of energy"? As far as I ...
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