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Questions tagged [moral-agency]

A moral agent is something that is culpable for the outcome of actions taken. What this implies can be radically different depending upon the school of thought, metaphysical relationship held, as well as other factors.

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Moral Luck and Complex Systems Theory

Is there any rigorous research done into links between Thomas Nagel's concept of 'moral luck,' and complex systems theory and/or game theory. Specifically, modeling ethical decision making in complex ...
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How do compatibilists understand "responsible"?

In Scott Christensen's book "What about free will?" on page 119 is "Pharaoh is held responsible for his actions". The reason given for God attributing culpability is "You are exalting yourself...". ...
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Does "ought-implies-can" have to be taken for a universal material implication?

I was thinking of Quine's "change the logic, change the subject," saying, and thought over "change the deontic logic, change the deontic subject," and so then I wondered if deontic ...
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Could ethics be grounded in a law of nature?

Assuming that morality is objective, is it possible that the reason there are moral truths (i.e it is wrong to harm children) is because of an undiscovered law of nature (like gravity)?
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Intellectual History of Idea in A Geneaology of Morals Essay One

In Nietzsche's first essay in A Geneaology of Morals, he suggests that use of language in which subjects and verbs are distinguished may influence or at least correspond to conceptual distinctions in ...
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Do contractualist deontological theories face any difficulties with the trolley problem?

I was wondering what problems contractualist approaches face with the trolley problem. Also, what other problems may contractualism have with aggregation as a whole?
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Can a moral code develop from one person's integrity?

Just for a moment picture, not all the evil and bad in the world, but the good. If you think about it and 'see' in your mind's eye all of the normal, everyday families in any given neighborhood who ...
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Aren't talks about moral responsibility under hard determinism moot?

I see people extensively debate over whether deterministic beings should be held responsible for their actions if there was no moral agency or free will involved in it. But is that even a relevant ...
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