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6 answers

Veganism and Cognitive dissonance

I had a recent discussion with a friend about the ethics and morality of veganism. I defined veganism as the following Minimising harm to animals to the maximal extent Some background information, ...
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What is one’s incentive to be moral?

Assuming there is no afterlife, or whatever afterlife there is does not depend on the morality of my actions in this life, what is one’s incentive to be moral given basic rational self-interest is ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Moral Non-Realists Responses to Suffering

It seems to me that one possible grounding for objective morality is in the inherent badness of suffering. Suffering is inherently bad, I believe, by definition, and non-instrumental suffering could ...
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2 answers

Can moral realism, physicalism, and physical causal closure be all true at the same time?

For illustrative purposes, let X be the set of all instances where Bob has tortured and eaten babies alive for fun. (Also assume that X is non-empty, to avoid trivial responses.) Suppose that ...
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Morality is subjective?

I tend to believe that morality isn't all subjective. Society objectifies morality and keep a distinction between good and bad. So even if a person felt (subjective) what he was doing was right, ...
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Are human moralities morally objective or subjective or morally skeptic (always ask critical questions)?

Moral objectivism means that something that is not moral ought to change to something morally absolute or constant. Moral subjectivism means that moral ideas are relative. They can change over time. ...
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Does any strand, school, or proponent of moral realism say anything about what happens to moral offenders?

Suppose that: (some form of) moral realism is true, that is, there exists at least some moral claims/assertions/principles that are themselves 'true', in some adequate sense a person knows/is aware ...
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