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Why do these common counter arguments to direct realism work?

So, I understand Direct Realism to be the idea that our experience (mental activity/sense experience) gives us exact information about matter as it truly is. In other words, objects that exist in the ...
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Does being a platonist about mathematics like Frege imply anything about being a direct realist?

I tried to read and understand Frege's "The Thought" and came away with this question. Frege argues mathematical theorems are thoughts which occupy a third realm independent from the ...
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What is the difference between metaphysical realism and naïve (or direct) realism?

Metaphysical realism: According to Wikipedia, Metaphysical realism maintains that "whatever exists does so, and has the properties and relations it does, independently of deriving its existence ...
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Does Human Pride degrade Peace? [closed]

I've been thinking about this question, and I think the reason countries go to war with each other is for their own pride, people die for their own pride. So if the entire world is one country and we ...
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How does mediation inherent in the senses not refute Searle's "direct realism"?

In an answer to this question How to start Philosophy and find the branches that are related to my questions?, an article by Searle came up
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Is the story "The happiness of fish" in Zhuangzi about naïve realism?

Here is the story, translated by Victor Mair: Zhuangzi and Huizi were strolling along the bridge over the Hao River. Zhuangzi said, “The minnows swim about so freely, following the openings ...
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