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Does every nation on Earth have a right to exist or do only peaceful nations have a right to exist?

I have been wondering lately as to what it is that gives every nation on Earth the right to exist. Throughout human history, at any point in time, the Earth has been a mixed bag of nations that were ...
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Is nationalism ethical?

This is discussed by Margaret Moore in The Ethics of Nationalism. Is national sovereignty worth a single human life? Is a nation justified in using disproportionate force to protect its citizens and ...
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When is war justified? Is defence of national sovereignty a sufficient moral justification? [closed]

If aggressive war is always wrong, is defensive war always right?
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Fanon's 'Concerning Violence' makes the point that Nazism was the culminating point of the project of European Colonialism, how valid is that?

Frantz Fanon, also known as Ibrahim Frantz Fanon wrote in his book, The Wretched of the Earth: Not long ago Nazism transformed the whole of Europe into a veritable colony meaning that the techniques ...
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