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What does it mean to say "homosexuality is normal"? [closed]

I have a question in the philosophy of sexuality. Some studies reveal that homosexual men and heterosexual women have symmetrical brains, unlike heterosexual males. Also, an early post-mortem study ...
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Does Kant read the is/ought question in a way different from the "normal" reading?

First, to quote Hume: In every system of morality, which I have hitherto met with, I have always remarked, that the author proceeds for some time in the ordinary way of reasoning, and establishes the ...
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Looking for theories/references about how social conventions are formed and followed

Social changes happen all the time. Sometimes changes lead to conventions. Certain ways of living, certain lifestyles, certain regulations become conventional. People follow them without questioning ...
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Are "aesthetic experiences" limited to art and music?

I was wondering whether philosophers consider aesthetic experiences to be something that permeate through a range of day to day experiences or if they're limited to art. For example, can learning/...
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What type of fallacy is it when people in undeveloped countries claim something it's true, because developed countries do it?

A fallacy that we hear a lot here in undeveloped countries, and which is so deeply annoying, it's that something is true because the developed countries do it. It's particularly annoying because many ...
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What are the justifications for holding concretes to be more important than abstractions?

What are the justifications for holding concretes to be more real or more important than abstractions like ideas and thoughts?
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The philosophical analysis of creating and implementing good ideas?

There are projects with great ideas, but poor implementation; and there are mediocre ideas, but are well implemented. What sort of philosophy and which philosophers, if any, address this phenomenon?
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What does "Normative" Mean?

I was reading the SEP articles on aesthetic judgment and had a really hard time understanding some parts. What it came down to is that they were using a definition of 'normative' I did not know. The ...
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How can we form normative value judgement about technology without knowing all the use cases of technology?

It makes sense to define a normative value system for "axiomatic" values. For example that all humans should have the same rights. However when it comes to technology I fail to see how it is ...
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How do finite processes and endless mathematical objects relate to reality?

There seem to be several philosophers who believe science (plus human norms for Sellars) can in principle leave no unanswered questions about reality. I would call this finite or exhaustible. Sellars: ...
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What determines the value of money?

The value of money can be defined as the cost to produce it. It costs, say, 1, to produce 10 000 000 coins or notes, while digital money costs virtually nothing. Of course, it can also be that it ...
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If knowledge is structural, does "confirmation bias" follow of necessity?

That 'knowledge' is structural is fairly uncontroversial. Although there are certainly different types, I would like for sake of this question to characterize (what I see as) a generalization of the ...
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How would you explain the is-ought dichotomy to an "Objectivist"?

I've recently met someone who identifies as an "Objectivist." I'm a moral nihilist, so naturally, I asked about the is-ought problem. His response was frustrating. He claims that Rand avoids ...
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