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Use this tag for questions about the philosophical concept of nothing or nothingness.

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What is nothing?

In Lawrence Krauss' book A Universe From Nothing he portrays "nothing" as a physical state. He says that nothing is found by removing all of what we know to be things (particles, electrons etc). I've ...
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How to denote the idea of nothingness in formal terms?

I was thinking about the question "Why is there something rather than nothing?" , and have read about some theories that existence is the case because non-existence is logically impossible So, I ...
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Understanding "Emptiness"

One of the many sincere efforts by mankind has been to try to understand "Emptiness" sometimes by scientific methods, sometimes by religious doctrines. Recently, we are trying to investigate ...
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"nothing" and "no-thing" - is "nothing" a negative term that is too easy to convert into a positive one? [duplicate]

So for example a sentence like "Things only exist conventionally, about their ultimate status, nothing can literally be said." If read as written, can the "nothing" be interpreted as a reification of ...
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Why do humans think that something starts with nothing?

I always had a problem with how anything came into being. What I mean is that how come anything exists. Creationists try to solve it by God making stuff, but then where did God come from? Another God ...
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What reasoning does Melissus or Parmenides give against the existence of "empty" or "the void"?

Melissus reaffirms Parmenides by explaining how there cannot be many without the existence of that which is empty, and since that which is empty is nothing, and nothing can't exist, thus there cannot ...
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Does Bergson mean we can't imagine our death, in The Idea of Nothing?

In fact, the object suppressed is either external or internal: it is a thing or it is a state of consciousness. Let us consider the first case... now, what is, and what is perceived, is the ...
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