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Use this tag for questions about the philosophical concept of nothing or nothingness.

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What reasoning does Melissus or Parmenides give against the existence of "empty" or "the void"?

Melissus reaffirms Parmenides by explaining how there cannot be many without the existence of that which is empty, and since that which is empty is nothing, and nothing can't exist, thus there cannot ...
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How to explain nothingness in Consciousness theory of Tegmark

The hypothesis was first put forward in 2014 by cosmologist and theoretical physicist Max Tegmark from MIT, who proposed that there's a state of matter - just like a solid, liquid, or gas - in which ...
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Are Theists and physicists talking about an empty universe or no universe at all?

When they talk about the beginning of the universe, are Theists and physicists talking about an empty universe or no universe at all? It is fairly straightforward to imagine an empty Universe - an ...
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When is an absence a nothingness?

When is an absence a nothingness, completely nothing? I've read all of Heidegger's basic writings, a handful of commentaries on him and lots on Buddhism. Both these topics talk a lot about "...
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Does Hegel believe in many absences?

According to Hegel, is every absence the same thing, or are there very many absences? I am wondering whether, in dialectics, nothing is truly absent from the whole unless the whole itself does not ...
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If Non-existence is nonexistent, then does that mean a Supernatural Exists?

Ok, what I am asking is bascially, if non-existence (which I use synonymously with the word 'nothing' - this is my defintion of 'nothing' in this piece - non-existence, so please no dcitionary ...
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