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What is Lenin saying about "republican slogans" in 'The Socialist Revolution and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination'

The fact that the struggle for national liberation against one imperialist power may, under certain circumstances, be utilized by another “Great” Power in its equally imperialist interests should have ...
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Is quietude a good thing? [closed]

I've heard the phrase "political quietude": staying quiet about massacres and despotism. It cannot be a good thing. But quiet is nice, or can feel dignified. Who talks about the tension in ...
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Mixing of people and peace [closed]

I would like to know people's opinions on the following philosophical question. Is It necessary for people belonging to different populations to mix in order to ensure peace among them? What is ...
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In political philosophy, what is the label for those who work to preserve a negative peace been called? [closed]

According to peace studies which examines violence through a multi-disciplinary lens and relies heavily on political philosophy, there is a recognition of the status quo. The condition absent of ...
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