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Use this tag for questions about the person as a fundamental notion or for philosophers who take such views. The focus would likely be on practical and ethical issues. Personalists include Borden Parker Browne, Emmanuel Mounier, Jacques Maritain, Yves Simon, Étienne Gilson, Robert Spaemann, Karol Wojtyła, Gabriel Marcel, and Paul Ricoeur.

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Which modern philosophers profess an atheist personalism?

Thomas D. Williams and Jan Olof Bengtsson describe the origin of personalism in the following way: Personalism in the sense of a distinct philosophy or worldview focusing on the full, accumulated ...
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What are the axioms of personalism?

I've read some authors whose works are held as belonging to personalism. However while their works elaborated based on principles of personalism, they never clearly explained what the axioms were ...
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Why am I myself rather than someone else?

Why am I myself rather than someone else? I think I read something like this in an encyclopedia; that it's a question in philosophy. Not asking what makes me myself, my body, psychology, and ...