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Is it rational for heterosexuals to be proud that they were born heterosexual? [closed]

Throughout my life, I have often heard from individuals in our nation's news organizations, from those in Academia, from local/state/federal government officials, from corporate human resources ...
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Is the notion that queer identities and sexuality are innate incompatible with the view that genders are socially molded?

Probably the single most important proposition/thesis/tenet regarding queer identities currently held is that Queer individuals, just as cishet individuals, are simply born the way they are: they do ...
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Should we teach abstinence (along with condoms and contraceptions) to adolescents as a preventative measure of unwanted pregnancy? [closed]

This is a follow up of my previous Abortion debate question. I confess that I have been brought up in a very traditional middle-income Indian family; and no-sex (abstinence?) before marriage is the ...
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How mature must one be to be able to have sex?

For context, I don't study philosophy; however, I often have philosophical discussions with fellow university students. One of the topics that came up recently was: Disregarding any moral obligation ...
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What is a ‘woman'? [closed]

In contemporary society, the theoretical and philosophical question of what gender is is an active topic of discussion. Arguably, while gender may have been a topic of philosophical analysis prior to ...
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In philosophy, why are feminism and transsexuality so controversial? [closed]

Is it possible for feminism and transsexuality to be discussed philosophically? Is this hindered by the domination of philosophy by males?
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Is transgenderism a radical rejection of feminism?

A woman can be an engineer; a man can be a nurse. A woman can be aggressive; a man can let a woman take the lead. A little girl can play with toy trucks; a little boy can play with dolls; A woman can ...
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What does it mean to say "homosexuality is normal"? [closed]

I have a question in the philosophy of sexuality. Some studies reveal that homosexual men and heterosexual women have symmetrical brains, unlike heterosexual males. Also, an early post-mortem study ...
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Do we define 'infidelity' ourselves

I think we do, but it's a strange idea unless we think of it as passing rules, quasi laws, for ourselves, and that may go against the tenor of what it means for us (no joke intended, I"m ...
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What relationship does gender have with bodily features?

Suppose someone takes a stance that gender is independent of sex, then how could it possibly be that a sex change surgery makes one feel more in line with their gender? And, if one takes the other ...
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Platonic love and "sapiosexuality"

I'll admit I have an incredibly limited understanding of the works of Plato, but upon a glossing over of the Symposium, it seems he is saying that love of intelligence is of a higher importance/...
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Is physical attractiveness subjective? [closed]

At one level, it seems obviously the case that this is true. Yet clearly, there are people who exist that most would call attractive and others who most would call not. So, how is the question of ...
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Can the sexual double standard be justified according to this logic/reasoning? [closed]

The sexual double standard is a social phenomenon where the sexual value of males and females are evaluated differently, based on their sexual history with sexual partners of the opposite sex. Given ...
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Is this a fallacy: "A woman is an adult who identifies as female in gender"? [closed]

The phrase tries to avoid the overt circular definition found in the variant, "a woman is anyone who identifies as a woman", by swapping woman with female in gender. But is that still a ...
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Is there such a thing as sexual morality?

People hold ambivalent feelings about sexual activity. Libertarians rank "sexuality" alongside morally neutral activities the significance of which would be determined in terms of their ...
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What are the arguments for pornography?

It is believed that pornography "violates" the humanity of those involved; that sexually explicit materials reduce people to objects or bodies used primarily for the sexual gratification of ...
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