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Is knowledge non-physical?

What is the fundamental nature/ontology of knowledge? Is knowledge a physical state? Is knowledge a specific arrangement of physical particles in a brain, a book, a solid-state drive, a GPU, etc.? Or ...
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Are Bourbaki and Deligne Mathematical Realists?

The following are two closely related questions. What was Bourbaki's position on the ontological status of mathematical objects? Were they some kind of Realist/Platonist or were they Formalist? ...
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How do we know we've defined a thing properly when all definitions have exceptions? [closed]

I don’t understand definitions. Let’s take this question: “What is a woman?” Now if I am a Platonic Idealist (or some other essentialist) then I think that all women share the same essence and will ...
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How be so sure that implications are bivalent? (An attempt to resolve paradoxes of material implication)

The material conditional, P→Q defined as ¬P∨Q, is usually thought not to match the usual linguistics, as seen by many paradoxes. The Wikipedia article gives few good examples. I tried to resolve them ...
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How can mathematical results impact the physical world?

In his 2007 book I Am a Strange Loop, Douglas Hofstadter uses an analogy based on a domino computer. Indeed, it is possible to build logical gates made of dominoes (see e.g. here) and realize simple ...
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If platonism was correct, would everything be real despite everything being formal?

In one of his recent essays ( the scientist Stephen Wolfram says (at the end of it, ...
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Do Universals Possess a Different Kind of Reality to Particulars?

I have a long interest in the 'problem of universals' and a conviction that some form of either Platonic or Aristotelian realism in respect of universals is correct. This extends to what is called '...
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Do numbers exist independently from observers?

Do numbers have an objective existence? If life had not evolved on planet earth would there be numbers or are numbers an invention of human minds? Are there any relevant works that discuss this? (I ...
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