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Michael Polanyi (1891-1976) was a Hungarian-British scientist and philosopher. He opposed a positivist account of science and advocated that there are several levels to reality. He distinguished between tacit and explicit knowledge.

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Is Polanyi's critique of physicalist view of the mind flawed?

In Personal Knowledge chapter 11 Polanyi elaborates his critique of the "physico-chemical investigations of a machine" by carefully dividing reasons and causes as types of explanations: ...
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Is there any supporter of Michael Polanyi's criticism of scientific objectivism?

I just found out about Michael Polanyi and his ideas fascinate me. One of those, is his criticism of objectivism in science, which he historically links to Galileo. Historically, he mainly goes ...
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Ethical values according to Polanyi

What role do (ethical) values have in science according to Polanyi and Kuhn? How does Polanyi define tacit knowledge and what view would Popper and Kuhn have on tacit knowledge?
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Is Polanyi's conception of personal knowledge accepted?

In Michael Polanyi's Personal Knowledge, the "personal" is defined with: This distinction [of personal and subjective] establishes the conception of the personal, which is neither ...
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What are points of disagreement between Gabriel Marcel and Michael Polanyi?

I see similarities between Gabriel Marcel's distinction between problem and mystery and Michael Polanyi's distinction between explicit and tacit knowledge. However, I suspect that similarity may be ...
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