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Are there these two notions of possibility distinct?

There are two notions of logically possible. I will label them as the positive sense and the negative sense. The positive sense is that a set of sentences S is possible if and only if there exists a ...
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Can anything happen at any time right now if there is infinite Possibilities in life?

If we live in a world with possibly infinite realities, and infinite space, doesn't that mean that there is an chance that anything could happen?
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Is the conceptual possibility of amorphous infinite sets "evidence against" countabilism?

Countabilism is, roughly, a family of standpoints inclusive of: There is one infinite proper set, of size ℵ0, and one infinite proper class, ℵ0ℵ0. (See about e.g. "pocket-sized" and ...
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Can anything that doesn’t happen really be “possible”?

We refer to things being possible when we imagine a class of events that don’t break certain laws. But this class is clearly mind dependent. For example, could world war 2 have started on a different ...
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