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Do all questions involve presuppositions, or just, "If X, then Y?" questions?

A sense of "every question involves presuppositions" can be gleaned from a definition like: Belnap and Steel (1976, 5) define a question as presupposing a statement if and only if the truth ...
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The Indexicality of "Ask this question?"

I was messing around with liar and similar sentences, and noticed a recurring issue with indexical quarantine with respect to the examples at stake. Meaning that something seemed to "go wrong&...
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References regarding pragmatic views of philosophy of worklife

I am looking for references regarding pragmatic views of philosophy of work and worklife.
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how do Sense and Denotation relate to translation?

i would like to know how are Sense and Denotation relate to translation and the role that they have in translation
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Can a true sentence be a lie?

My question is simple - can a true statement be a lie - that is, can the pragmatics of use of a true sentence (context, intension, effects, etc) make a true statement into a lie? Intuitively it seems ...
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What is the difference between syntax, semantics and pragmatics?

I would be interested to find more about the way semantics intertwines with pragmatics. Naturally, I associate semantics with more conventional theories like Russell`s as opposed to Gricean ...
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