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Justification for Aristotle's principle of causality?

[W]hen... a potential is actualized.. something already actual must be what actualizes it. This is sometimes called the principle of causality. (Feser, Edward. Five Proofs of the Existence of God. ...
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Does indeterminacy imply contingency?

If there is true indeterminacy in the world, does this imply that each state of affairs is contingent? I am assuming that by contingent, we mean that things could have happened otherwise. Conceptually,...
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What is the reason for a god to create the world? [closed]

For the sake of the argument I make the assumption that the Jewish god Jahwe or gods from other religions like Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva actually exist and that one of them created the world. Why did ...
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Does quantum mechanics rule out the principle of sufficient reason?

The Principle of Sufficient Reason is a philosophical principle stipulating that everything must have a reason, cause, or ground. My question is: does quantum mechanics serve as evidence against it as ...
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Everything must have a cause?

In a possible reality, if something came into existence without something giving rise to it, the fact would be that , there was nothing stopping something from coming into existence without anything ...
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Does the Principle of Sufficient Reason imply everything is necessary?

Leibniz's Principle of Sufficient Reason (PSR) states that: for every fact F, there must be a sufficient reason why F is the case ( ...
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On the axiomatic behavior of the principle of sufficient reason

Have a look at the most controversial principle popularized as the principle of sufficient reason (PSR): I mean that the concept of PSR, which has been introduced by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, remains ...
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Does quantum mechanics disprove the Principle of Sufficient Reason?

Lets say a scientist were to perform the double slit experiment. He sends in one electron through the slits and then that he measures the random location on his measurement device after the ...
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A quantum mechanical response to van Inwagen's rejection of the PSR

Peter van Inwagen famously rejected the PSR due to his argument that it implied necessitarianism: Take the conjunct C of all contingent facts. Being contingent itself, the PSR demands an explanation F....
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Relationship between Causal Determinism and Principle of Sufficient Reason?

Causal Determinism is the concept that events are bounded by causality in such a way that any state (of an object or event) is completely determined by prior states. The Principle of Sufficient ...
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Relationship between Principle of sufficient reason and Law of identity [closed]

I have an intuition that one can derive the principle of sufficient reason from the law of identity or non-contradiction but i don't know how. If someone knows I'd like some help.
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Having S5 system Why we need to use WPSR in Gale Pruss New cosmological arguement?

As you know Gale_ Pruss improved The cosmological argument using WPSR instead of Strong PSR. They in their 1999 article said if it be possibly that there be a God who freely created the world using ...
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How do Thomists prove that: "Everything that exists must exist by something."?

One variation of principle of sufficient reason that Thomists use is: Everything that exists must exist by something. How do they prove such a statement? In particular, why can not something just ...
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