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Is the principle of indifference invalid?

The principle of indifference (also called principle of insufficient reason) is a rule for assigning epistemic probabilities. The principle of indifference states that in the absence of any relevant ...
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Do any particularists allow for some generality?

Suppose that I think injustice (whatever it happens to be and how we recognise it) should never exist: does that completely defeat the tenor of particularism? Suppose that I think the right course of ...
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Justification for Aristotle's principle of causality?

[W]hen... a potential is actualized.. something already actual must be what actualizes it. This is sometimes called the principle of causality. (Feser, Edward. Five Proofs of the Existence of God. ...
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Is philosophy the pursuit of wisdom? [closed]

What is philosophical discourse? What fundamental principles are involved?
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What is a philosophical principle? [closed]

I cite this definition:- Fundamental law or assumption that is the basis of reasoning and action. I see principles as philosophical tools. So are principles merely useful, or do they have fundamental ...
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What are the First Principles of Euclidean Geometry (Besides the Axioms)?

On first principles, Wikipedia says: A first principle is an axiom that cannot be deduced from any other within that system. The classic example is that of Euclid's Elements; its hundreds of ...
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