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Formal deduction of Whitehead's Philosophy of Organism

In Process and Reality Whitehead starts off the investigation by giving his categoreal scheme - different types of categories and their derivatives, as well as some axioms. If I understand correctly, ...
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Beginning of time problems?

Dear philosophy stackexchange, I'm curious as to whether there have been arguments by philosophers for there being a finite past/future or whether it has always been past/future temporally infinite? ...
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Is process philosophy at odds with orthodox Christian theology?

Process philosophy regards change, as opposed to stasis, as the basis of reality. Does this contradict orthodox Christian theology, such as Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and the various Protestant ...
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The non-spacetime existence of processes

I've been reading Process Philosophy and the Whiteheadian conception of processes describe them to be existing in "non-spacetime" dimensions. How can it be explicated in simpler terms? "Non-spacetime" ...
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In a Descartes square are the statements just the negations of each other?

There is a decision making method based on wrapping problems into a Descartes square by answering 4 questions. I've tried to use it for my own decision process but I couldn't figure out what to place ...
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Can we have more than a conviction that a statement is true?

How do we know 1 + 1 = 2 ? We step through the logic, one step at time, and at the end we agree it is a true statement. So at the end we know something is true because in the process we can ...
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