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Can anything happen at any time right now if there is infinite Possibilities in life?

If we live in a world with possibly infinite realities, and infinite space, doesn't that mean that there is an chance that anything could happen?
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what's the point of life? [duplicate]

Lets think that we have no proof that an after life exists, then why would go through ups and downs of life just to for everything to suddenly go black? isn't it just easier to die? if you die you don'...
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Can erotetic logic be used to devise a noncognitivist moral realism?

The IEP article on moral realism says that noncognitivist realism is logically possible, but goes on to assess the one attempt at such a position (Bruce Waller's) thusly: Waller’s divide-and-conquer ...
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Is the setup-punchline relation equivalent to a question-answer one?

Philosophical relevance: there are an SEP entry and an IEP entry on humor. Now, it has often seemed to me that there is something about saying that life is a Test that is akin to saying that life is a ...
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What terminology distinguishes questions that define goals from those that accomplish them?

I will soon give a technical talk in which I want to stress the importance of asking the right questions. I propose to use a philosophical analogy; comparing the questions "How do I live a good ...
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Are there questions that science can't answer, but philosophy can?

Are there questions that science can't answer, but philosophy can? I can't think of any such questions. But, perhaps there are such questions. I would like some examples. Note, such questions have to ...
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Begging the question is a type of circular reasoning?

From wikipedia: Begging the question is a type of circular reasoning, and often occurs in an indirect way such that the fallacy's presence is hidden, or at least not easily apparent. Is that ...
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Asking a question in the "True Language"

Definition: the True Language is so named not because it satisfies the concept from antiquity of a language whose expressions were naturally isomorphic to their referents in some essentialistic way, ...
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Does Kant's scheme for the analytic/synthetic distinction have room for a (degenerate?) further distinction, for "hyperanalytical" knowledge?

Kant can be easily misread (or: I myself easily misread him, for a long time) as claiming that no "existence claims" are analytically knowable. Technically, though, his system has it that (...
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What is a question?

Sponsored by Socrates: Alcibiades 113, b SOCRATES: Come then, give me the general principle. When there’s a question and an answer, who is the one saying things--the questioner or the answerer? ...
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Empiricism and Morality

How would an empiricist develop a moral philosophy without running into the is-ought problem? The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris tries to formulate one but does not effectively resolve the is-ought ...
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