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Is an Ethiopian and Bedouin unity possible in a subaltern utopia for Palestine-Israel? [closed]

I would like to ask for a potential utopian scenario where Ethiopian Jews and LC(lower class) bedouins form some subaltern allegiance to combat the racism they face in Palestine-Israel. Is this ...
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Is it paradoxical to try represent underrepresented communities more?

Suppose there is some heteregenous society, which majority and minority groups. There is a proposal by the government/media in society to increase the representation of minority group by giving them ...
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Is there any record that Darwin's book, "The Origin of Species ... or the Preservation of Favored Races " has had an effect on racial justice?

Is there any historical record that Darwin's book, The Origin of Species by Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle of Life has instigated actions by men, societies, or ...
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Censorship: Why should a word be censored when it is being discussed?

Preamble When dealing with matters of such a sensitive nature, it seems sensible to begin with a clarifying statement to ensure the question is not mistakenly imbued with any malicious intent. Racism ...
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Best books on gender and racism

(Please excuse my poor wording and bad english) What are the best books to learn about gender and racism as of July 2020? I feel like my generation (born between 1990 and 2005 approx) may be the first ...
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Why people say I'm being prejudiced by judging ragged clothing?

In a conversation with some friends, we agreed that people should not judge by skin color, which by now should gradually become a more common opinion to society. But I said that sometimes, conscious ...
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Is this quote flawed when it comes to not understanding racism and also not admiring it? [closed]

Can anyone please help me with how to respond to someone who has told me that he doesn't understand racism and can't admire it either? Is it possible that someone doesn't get what racism is? Here is ...
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Does utilitarianism justify racism in some circumstances?

Utilitarianism says that we should maximize aggregate utility. Greatest happiness for the greatest number is the usual catchphrase. Suppose there is a wealthy country A with lots of extra resources, ...
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Is it wrong to keep a friendship with a person who is racist?

I have grown an enjoyable friendship with a person I have known for a few years. I have become aware over time that this person is a racist in particular towards Australian Aboriginals. This person ...
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Is race a social construct?

Recently, I watched two videos (links below) by Philosophy tube and they confused me a bit. The general idea that I took from these two videos is that any group of people can be termed a race if there ...
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Was Marx an antisemite?

Marx wrote about Jews quite a bit, despite having Jewish blood or ancestors. Was Marx an antisemite?
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