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Questions tagged [realism]

Realism is a view that the statements of a subject matter refer to what is real and therefore could be assigned a definite true or false valuation if we knew what that valuation should be. A realist need not be so for all subject matters but only for a select set of subject matters.

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Does Quine's dissolution of the Analytic/Synthetic distinction challenge mathematical realism?

I was surprised to learn that Quine is a mathematical realist (See this interview for example). I always assumed that his "Two Dogmas of Empiricism" and specifically his dissolution of the Analytic/...
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Do numbers exist independently from observers?

Do numbers have an objective existence? If life had not evolved on planet earth would there be numbers or are numbers an invention of human minds? Are there any relevant works that discuss this? (I ...
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What makes moral realism so popular a standpoint?

According to wikipedia page on moral realism: A survey from 2009 involving 3,226 respondents found that 56% of philosophers accept or lean towards moral realism (28%: anti-realism; 16%: other). ...
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What is the underdetermination of theories by evidence, and how does it square with scientific realism?

What is the underdetermination of theories in philosophy of science? Is it the lack of ability to choose between alternative scientific theories? If so, how can it be that more than one theory ...
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Structural Realism vs. Scientific Formalism?

How exactly do structural realism and scientific formalism differ? Are they compatible, or is this another rehashing of, say, the rationalism vs. idealism debate? I know Galileo, Kepler, et al. were ...
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Have any thinkers applied empiricism to the dreaming and deep sleep states?

The Mandukya Upanishad is a philosophical text found in the Vedas, which are among the most important scriptures of Hinduism. Here is what V. Subrahmanya Iyer says in a foreword to a translation of ...
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2 votes
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Any good theories on the nature of time in which time is not fundamental?

I've noticed that most of the very successful formulas in physics, once you break them down, contain several references to quantities of time. And it has really begun to bother me that once you start ...
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What is the Anti-Realist and Constructionist interpretation of empirical dating methods and existence of the past?

I'm fairly interested in the realism, anti-realism debate and would like to hear, if possible by an anti-realist or constructivist, how dating methods fit into their world view. As a realist, dating ...
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3 answers

Does Einstein's local realism in quantum mechanics imply superdeterminism?

Einstein insisted that nature is locally real, which is also know as counterfactual defeniteness and means that results of experiments are predetermined. But, if everything is predetermined in every ...
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For a mathematical realist, is there a distinction between real mathematical objects and constructed mathematical objects?

Mathematical realists believe that mathematical entities exit independently of human minds. Mathematical objects have an objective independent existence, and they are discovered by mathematicians, not ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How does Kant rule out permanent soul in his argument for the existence of external world?

I have been studying Stephan Körner's intro to Kant's philosophy. I'm not sure if in the following excerpt I make sense of the reasoning quoted from Kant. In fact, I wonder how the permanence must be ...
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3 votes
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How does mediation inherent in the senses not refute Searle's "direct realism"?

In an answer to this question How to start Philosophy and find the branches that are related to my questions?, an article by Searle came up
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10 votes
3 answers

Do realists and nominalists actually disagree about what really is, or do they just disagree about words?

So I am reading Loux's contemporary introduction to metaphysics, and he starts by giving two broad ideas about universals. Do realists and nominalists actually disagree about what really is? For ...
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5 votes
2 answers

What is the difference between everyday realism and metaphysical realism?

At an everyday level, we seem to subscribe to a from of strong realism which doesn't leave any room for skepticism. We are certain that individuals who hear voices in their heads or who have ...
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5 votes
4 answers

How are epistemological and ontological realism related?

The SEP article on idealism begins: ... [this article] examines the relationship between epistemological idealism (the view that the contents of human knowledge are ineluctably determined by ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What are facts as considered independently of any thinking being?

What confuses me about the notion of a fact, is that it seems like it's something that's discovered. So, a fact could be said to be this 'thing' that has a perfect correspondence with reality, and ...
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Is G.E. Moore's here-is-one-hand argument a bit naive?

Are G.E. Moore, etc., a bit naive at times? (see here-is-one-hand argument). Does such trivial thing really need "formalization"? Why isn't Moore accused of idealism, when he could be interpreted as ...
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How can we defend conservation on a species level?

Background Many conservation measures in environmental biology such as the IUCN red list or measures against invasive species are done on the level of species rather than on the level of individuals. ...
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Implication of Rorty's concession to Ramberg that true statements "get things right"?

Richard Rorty (1932-2008) was the paradigmatic deflationist re the concept “truth.” He was an epistemic naturalist and historicist, an instrumental pragmatist, anti-realist/essentialist, and ...
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References for the Realism/Anti-Realism debate in Logic

The concept of anti-realism in logic seems to be an interesting and growing idea. I'm looking for references (papers, books, authors...) regarding the debate between realism and anti-realism but ...
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What is realism? Or: Is realism real?

In a very flat manner, my question would be: what is realism in philosophy, which movements and authors belong to realism, and what does it oppose to? But here are the precise issues that pop up each ...
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How did Suarez defend objectivity of human knowledge (cognition)?

It seems that Aquinas (and the first scholastics) founded objectivity of knowledge in the unity of intellect and the thing known. Namely, the intellect receives the form of the thing and literally ...
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Is the idealist thesis about unintelligibility of extra-mental reality intelligible/interesting?

Idealism, in all its varieties, comes down to asserting the (at least partial) dependence of intelligible reality upon the conceptual apparatus of human rationality. In its more strong form, it claims ...
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