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The validity of the reasoning in Halting Theorem

Here is an example of the Halting Theorem from Wikipedia (Halting Problem) Christopher Strachey outlined a proof by contradiction that the halting problem is not solvable.The proof proceeds as ...
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Is Occam's razor a philosophical application of Occam's razor itself in epistemology? Is it a meta for itself?

I have to apologize for my title but this seems to me the only way I could have articulated this weird intuitive idea I had for the Occam's razor meta-analysis. Usually I tend to analyze things on the ...
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Would a "disagreement operator" break down if iterated too much?

Let D(S) read as, "I disagree that S." It is possible to iterate this, so that DD(S), "I disagree that I disagree that S." Then we can go on to DDD(S), and so on. (For a peer-...
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Knowing that they know that you know that they know

Suppose there are two spies, A and B. There is also a secret, s. The following situation unfolds: (1) A learns s. (2) B learns that A knows s. (3) A learns that B knows that A knows s. (4) B learns ...
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solution, bound or complexity analysis for f(i)=f(f(i-1)+f(i-2)) [closed]

Consider this recursive function: F(i)=F(F(i-1)-F(i-2)) It looks like a Fibonacci sequence. however, it has an extra F on the right side. is there any known reduction available for F? is there any ...
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Can Autopoietic systems be nested?

I've been reading about Cybernetics, specifically the ideas of Stafford Beer and Luhmann. Beer states in what he calls "the principle of Cybernetic Isomorphism" that autopoietic systems are ...
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11 votes
9 answers

If the universe is finite does that nullify Godel's incompleteness, halting problem, and Church-Turing thesis?

I'm not well versed on these topics but they all seem to rely on infinity, mainly infinite recursion or infinite space of mathematics. If there is no always "next" algorithm, the halting ...
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What is a second-order disposition?

I am reading this paper that makes references to "first-order dispositions" and "second-order dispositions" constantly, and I do not know what they really mean: Joachim Horvath, ...
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Do you think that the 'descent class' is paradoxical?

It is well known that something goes wrong with Russell's class of all classes which are not members of themselves. If this class is a member of itself then it is not a member of itself, and if this ...
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