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Does Intelligent Design (ID) entail an infinite regress of designers, and if so, is that problematic?

We can arrive at an infinite regress of designers as follows: Suppose that X is so complex that it's considered to show evidence of design. Accordingly, we infer that an intelligent designer must be ...
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Nature of computation [closed]

I am sketching some thoughts to see where they currently stand. When I encountered the Von Neumann construction of the ordinal numbers, perhaps around the time I studied introductory real analysis, ...
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Can circular reasoning be logical, and can it provide support for the Bible?

Circular reasoning is a type of logical fallacy where the premise is used to prove the conclusion. A basis example would be: This historical movie is creditable. Why? Because it says so. In this ...
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Multigraphs, hypergraphs, and the epistemic regress

Some definitions (from what I can tell): A multigraph is a graph where a node can connect via multiple edges. A hypergraph is a graph where a single edge can connect more than two nodes. ...
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Point in infinite regress where a 'why' question can no longer be answered

Example: Q1: If I collected one apple, and I collected another apple, why do I have two apples now? A1: Because 1 + 1 = 2 Q2: Why is 1 + 1 = 2? Another example: Q1: If gravity pulls us downwards, ...
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Is the axiomatic method an inherently well-founded method?

It occurred to me a little while ago, that there is a trichotomy in set theory that maps to the positive solutions to the problem of the regress of inferential reasons. Namely, well-founded sets map ...
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Doesn't infinite regress go backward forever? Is SEP wrong?

I have always understood infinite regress to mean going backwards forever. (Forever as in endlessly, not necessarily temporally). A model would be the negative integers, if we viewed them as a model ...
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